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Rohini Jadhav
production designer | art director | architect

Rohini is a production designer and art director with a professional background in architecture currently working in art departments of film and television projects in Los Angeles.

She has worked in multiple roles within the art department, as a production design assistant, researcher and digital asset manager, before taking on the challenge of production designing and art directing for multiple short films and music videos. She has worked on a couple of Netflix films, a HBO pilot, feature films with award winning directors both in India and the U.S. and even a design proposal for a $500 billion city proposed to be built in Saudi Arabia.

In her short time in Los Angeles, USA, she has collaborated with notable production designers and art directors like Oscar-nominated Guy Hendrix Dyas, David Lazan, Inbal Weinberg and Lauren Fitzsimmons, to name a few. Post that, she completed a stint in Mumbai, India working in art departments of major feature films with renowned directors like Anubhav Sinha and Umang Vyas as well as experienced production designers Nikhil Kovale and Shruti Gupte. 


She completed her undergraduate studies in architecture and worked for over 2 years as an architect in a well-reputed design firm India before moving to complete her post-graduate degree in the Fiction and Entertainment program at SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture), Los Angeles.

Rohini is a highly visual person with an instinctive understanding of spatial design. Coupled with her love for cinema (Indian and World), she was eventually drawn towards designing for films. A wanderer at heart, she is inspired by her collection of experiences and observations of people, flavors, art and architecture around the world. Rohini loves the fast-paced world of cinematic design and hope to bring a fresh perspective to her craft of film-making.

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