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Dear Father


Dear Father is a 2022 Indian Gujarati-language thriller drama directed by Umang Vyas. Young couple Ajay Mankad (Chetan Dhanani) and Alka (Manasi Parekh) live as an average middle-class family with Ajay's elderly father (Paresh Rawal). Behind the facade of a happy family however, things take a turn when are some mysteries revealed and family secrets unfolded.

As the Chief Asst. Production Designer, I was responsible for a wide range of tasks. During pre-production, I supervised creation of graphics, sourced some props and assisted the art director in editing construction drawings, when needed.

During the run of the shoot, I was the delegated art point person on set, overseeing the work of the set dressers, tracking action props, engaging in discussions with the director and DP to ensure their vision was being met, and keeping an eye out for art continuity. 

Below are stills from the film as well as drawings and 3D models edited for set.

Film Stills

Mankad House 3D and drawings

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