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Human Ubers Concept Animations

In a fast-paced world like ours, our terrible commute times usually make matching up to our jam-packed schedules a daily struggle and we often feel the need to be at multiple places at the same time. With Uber and other ride services rapidly expanding their services beyond the standard pick-ups and drop-offs and allowing for shared ride charges, multiple drop-offs and food take-outs, perhaps it will not be long before we can order a Human Uber to represent us at that inconvenient job that just needs to be done while we focus on high priority tasks.

In these images / animations we get a glimpse into this future world of ours dominated by Human Ubers; we witness three of them conduct an Uber interview and subsequently flashback to see one of the Human Ubers preparing for his role as an interviewer. In this world, we explore - what if we could send someone in place of us to that obligatory party, to rob a bank or perhaps conduct that boring interview all the way across town? What if it were socially acceptable for us to have someone reconfigure themselves into an avatar of us and masquerade as us at a social occasion? What if we could be at multiple places at the same time?

Visions of the Future animations created by Rohini Jadhav with Ryan Yifan Wang, Paul Pu and Allen Zhang for the elective seminar taught by Alexey Marfin.

The animations were created using PFTrack, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Nuke and Premiere Pro.

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