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Some people feel the rain,

Others just get wet.

- Bob Marley

Sitting on the low broad window sill with the rains pitter-pattering just outside, a content smile on my face, a delightful book in one hand, a steaming hot cup of tea in the other... life seemed so perfect.

But then my thoughts wandered, a flash of images formed in my mind about the rains of the past and the rains yet to come...

Four children, merry faced and flushed with excitement, drenched with rain, covered with mud running toward loving mother and aunt who hosed them down with water before the set foot in the house.

A small girl walking all alone, doll in hand, shedding sorrowful tears, the rains poured down till she knew not which were tears and which raindrops and danced about with Dora, the doll.

Two girls, showing off their very best dance moves, splashing water upon one another, laughter resounding about the garden, while smiling faces watched them from behind windows, safe and snug from the outside rain.

A young student despairing over her submissions, until a soft pitter-patter outside drew her attention to the window. The smell of the rains, the feel of it on her palms, that soothing calmness it brought to her.

Two room-mates riding in pouring showers, laughing at their condition, stop at Costa Coffee to share a chocolate mélange, braving themselves for the next leg of their journey. They exchanged a look, knew they would remember this moment forever.

These to me were the memories of the past. Still a young 20 something, I began day dreaming of the ones of the future.

A group of friends on a long drive, greens all around, raindrops lashing against the car, loud music and fun talks within...

Two best friends sitting at a window, sipping chai, relishing pakodas, reminiscing old times against the background music of the rains...

A couple hand in hand walking down a lane, lost in each other, umbrella forgotten back home. The rains showered down, they dodge beneath a tree and steal a quick kiss...

A hard day of work, cranky husband and irritable wife crib away about offices and bosses. A sudden cloud burst brings a smile to their face, they grab each other's hands, run to the terrace and live in the moment with a romantic little dance...

Young mother with two restless angels, quite lost as to how to entertain them. She remembers her childhood fun and rushes them to the garden to teach them the rain dance...

Bob Marley was right. To some people the rains are a part and parcel of life, the days they will always remember!

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